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Zapraszamy Państwa na Kutnowski Magazyn Informacyjny - Przegląd wydarzeń mijającego tygodnia przygotowany przez dziennikarzy Telewizji Kutno. #newsy #informacje #wydarzenia #podsumowanie #podsumowanietygodnia #bilanstygodnia

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2021-12-01 06:55:31

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2021-10-20 06:45:18

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2021-10-20 06:44:59

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2021-10-20 06:43:19

To the credit of Atletico Madrid's fans -- after a brief explosion of noise from the Liverpool fans in the away end -- the Wanda Metropolitano was quickly filled with chants of "Atleti, Atleti" as they attempted to rouse their team from its sluggish start.

2021-10-20 06:42:54

James Milner then touched the ball, as did an Atletico defender, with Salah's shot ending up in the net and the Egyptian being awarded the goal.

2021-10-20 06:41:46

Salah, fresh from his wonder goal against Watford over the weekend, duly obliged and slotted home the deciding goal.There was still time for yet more drama, as Atletico was awarded a penalty after Jose Maria Gimenez was brought down by Jota.

2021-10-20 06:40:43

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2021-10-20 06:36:26

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